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Baba Slings made of the finest parachute silk. Perfect for carrying your baby in comfort and in style.
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Baba Slings

We believe that Baba Slings can cater to everyones needs. Whether you are looking for a baby sling or baby carrier to accommodate your newborn to sleep and breastfeed in a pouch style position or a hip sling for your toddler.

Perhaps you are after a hammock style sling big enough for your older baby to lie down and sleep in. Or a way to carry your baby on your back, which is suitable for hiking and public transport and jet setters. And for those of you with an inquisitive little Kangaroo, the forward facing Joey position is just the go.

Maybe, you could be after a papoose for your twins. Simply by lengthening the straps on your Baba Sling you can carry both your newborn twins in the pouch simultaneously. As well as breast feed them, hands free and discreetly!!

Being adjustable with an easy to release, high quality, ski-buckle (and a safety strap with buckle underneath) means that there is no need to buy two separate slings for Mum and Dad. Also the Baba Sling can adjust out to accommodate your baby as it grows, which is a very important advantage.

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