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Pet Loo Pet Care Products

Looking for a dog toilet solution? We carry The Pet Loo and related products. Whether you require The Original Pet Loo or a Mini Wee, these products have been tested by our customers for years and they really work.

Suggested Cleaning Instructions for The Pet Loo

To clean The Pet Loo, please follow the steps below

1) Daily: Pour warm water over the grass to flush out any excess urine.

2) 2-3 Times/Week: Spray WEE Care on the Loo & Grass – Let Dry

3) Weekly:Remove the grass from the unit and wash it down with high powered water – (Ideally a hose or in the shower until liquid is clear). Then spray WEE Care onto the unit + Grass

Air Out/Dry: To ensure the grass dries after washing make sure it is aired out and dried before reusing on unit.

Quick Tip - It's always a great idea to have some Replacement Pet Loo Grass on hand to help with the cleaning process "While one is being cleaned, aired out and dried… use the replacement”